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MorTan, Inc. is a small woman owned corporation located in Missoula, Montana. MorTan was started by a practicing ophthalmologist, Loran B. Morgan, M.D.

Dr. Morgan saw the need for an easier, more efficient and more effective method of ocular irrigation - so he developed The Morgan Lens.

Our primary goal is to produce and sell quality products for emergency eye irrigation and to save as many eyes as possible. MorTan puts the patient’s outcome and our customers' satisfaction as our priorities.

We take pride in treating our employees very well.

Loran B. Morgan

Loran B. Morgan, M.D.

Loran B. Morgan, M.D. is the creator of the Morgan Lens.  Many of the serious eye cases, he noticed, began as simple infections that had not received adequate treatment. Proper care of eye injuries requires both protection of the eye from irritation by the eyelid and the constant delivery of sterile fluids and/or medication to the eye – neither of which were available to Dr. Morgan at the time.

“You couldn’t expect a nurse to keep coming back to put in eye drops as often as they were needed,” he explained. Thus, he developed the Morgan Lens, the most widely used method of ocular irrigation today. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, a specialist in ophthalmology and Fellow of the International and American Colleges of Surgeons, Dr. Morgan enjoyed a long and impressive career, saving thousands of patient’s eyes all over the world. And, thanks to his invention, his work will continue to do so for generations to come.

Meet the Team

Meet some of the key members that the keep the operations running day-in and day-out at MorTan, Inc.

Dan and Beth

DAN MORGAN (Pictured here with his sister Beth Bowens)

Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan, board member, was raised in Wyoming and lived most of his life in Wyoming and Montana. He was fortunate to have amazing parents, Beth (R.N.) and Bud (L. B. Morgan, M. D.), whose valuable commitment to family significantly enriched Dan’s and his sister Beth’s lives. Bud and Beth additionally contributed substantial time, talent, and treasure to the community, our country, and fellow man.

He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Health and Human Performance, with a minor in Biology, where he also completed the Air Force ROTC Program.

After being discharged from the Air Force due to a hearing loss, he went to work for Tanco Laboratories in Honolulu. There he learned the manufacturing and fitting of contact lenses. He became a Fellow Member of the Contact Lens Society of America and continued to fit contact lenses for most of the next 10 years.

Seeing the potential and greater need for the Morgan Lens, invented and developed by his father, Dr. L. B. "Bud" Morgan, Dan joined MorTan, Inc., where he expanded the marketing and production of the device. He became President and CEO for many years. Currently, he serves as board member, having turned over the reins of management to long-time colleague, Judy Devine, current President and CEO.

The support of his family has been instrumental in the successful operation of the business. His deceased wife, Pam, was an R.N. His daughters, Lyndsey and Mariah are both R.N.s. His son Zach is studying Engineering. His current wife, Lynne, was raised in a Veterinary Medicine family and is a retired Interior Designer. They now reside outside of Freedom, Wyoming.

Judy Devine

Judy Devine

Judy Devine is the President and C.E.O. for MorTan, Inc.  She wears many hats in this position and enjoys the accomplishments and the challenges.

Judy has worked for MorTan since 1987.  She is now majority shareholder of MorTan, Inc. Starting out as a Customer Service Representative, Judy proved herself as a devoted team member and natural leader that paved her way to her current position.  She is passionate about MorTan's products, dedicated to their success and sets a high standard for her team to deliver the best service they can to their customers.  

Judy is native to Montana and in her free time, she enjoys golfing, attending University of Montana sporting events and is very involved with her family and their activities.

You may contact her at or 406-728-2522.

Shannon Glenn

Shannon Glenn

Shannon Glenn is the Vice President of Operations for MorTan, Inc.  She is responsible for working together with the President to ensure the success and growth of MorTan, Inc.  Shannon has a varied array of duties that includes: marketing, advertising, human resources, and sales.  Shannon also is responsible for relationships with our international distributors.  

Shannon comes from a diverse background.  She has been a business owner for many years and operated every aspect of owning and operating a business.  Shannon has also worked in the field of Psychology in many different capacities for over 20 years.  She has always been drawn to the medical field, loves working with people and seeing the positive impact the Morgan Lens has brought to millions of patients.

Shannon was born and raised in Montana.  She is married with two children and in her free time she spends most of it attending her children's sporting events or extracurricular activities.  There is never a dull moment in her family.  When she is not cheering on her kids, she loves to travel and spend time with her friends and extended family. 

You may contact her at or 406-728-2522.

Mary Watne

Mary Watne

Mary Watne is the Chief Operations Officer for MorTan, Inc.  Mary has been with MorTan since 2001 and thrives on her daily contact with customers and working as a team to offer the best products and service possible. 

Her entire career has been in the medical field, working in managed care prior to joining MorTan. 

Mary is a native of Montana and enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and enjoys all that Montana has to offer. 

You may contact her at or 406-728-2522.

Jennifer Bedard

Jennifer Bedard

Jennifer Bedard has been with MorTan, Inc since February 2023 and is our Client Relations Specialist and Accounts Receivable contact.  Jennifer came to MorTan with several years of customer service experience, office administration and management specializing in Accounts Receivables.

Her 20-plus years of customer service and business ownership experience in different industries gives her a large base of knowledge which she is excited to use in a new-to-her industry.  She is also excited to be part of a woman-owned small business and is really enjoying the team atmosphere.

Jennifer is from Michigan but has been in Montana since 1996. She loves to spend time with her husband, loves football and Grizzly Sports, cooking and reading, and tagging along when her husband goes fishing.  

You may contact her at or 406-728-2522.

Board of Directors

Judy G. Devine, President, C.E.O.

Daniel T. Morgan, FCLSA

Shannon Glenn, VP of Operations

Casey Glenn, Board Member

The Morgan Lens has proven to be an indispensable aid in my thirteen years of emergency practice.  During that time, my work has taken me to eight or ten different hospitals and medical centers, and I'm always happy to say each and every one of them has kept the Morgan Lens in stock and at the ready.  And, each time a patient is suddenly presented with a chemical or other toxic eye exposure, it is immediately apparent that there is simply no substitute for this product.  In these situations, I have come to depend on it.  I think this testimonial simply reflects what every other emergency physician knows about your landmark device.

...could not effectively irrigate his eyes with IV tubing...

Physician (California)

MorTan Inc.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 8719
Missoula, MT 59807

Shipping Address:
329 East Pine St
Missoula, MT 59802

Toll-Free Telephone1-800-423-8659
Telephone: 406-728-2522

Monday - Thursday
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM MT

8:00 - 1:00 PM MT 

Why Use The Morgan Lens?

The Morgan Lens is used in 90% of hospital emergency departments in the USA and can be inserted in less than 20 seconds. There simply is no other "hands-free" method of eye irrigation. Nothing else frees medical personnel to treat other injuries or to transport the patient while irrigation is underway. Nothing is more effective at treating ocular chemical, thermal, and actinic burns or removing non-embedded foreign bodies, even when the patient's eyes are closed tightly. Its design makes it simple and straightforward to use so minimal training is required.