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The Morgan medi-FLOW Lens

Part Number: MT2000 (USA Only) or MT6673 (Outside USA)

The Morgan Lens is a medical device that provides the most effective means of ocular (eye) irrigation to treat many eye injuries. The Morgan Lens provides continuous lavage to the cornea and conjunctiva, floating on the irrigating solution and never physically touching the cornea. The irrigating solution provides instant relief to chemical or thermal burns and removes non-embedded foreign materials in the eye.

The Morgan Lens is standard equipment in over 90% of hospital emergency rooms in the United States.  It is widely used by physicians, nurses, paramedics, and other medical personnel because it delivers a continuous flow of solution to the injured eye within seconds, which frees medical staff to treat other injuries or to transport the patient without interruption.

The following equipment is recommended for bilateral eye irrigation using the Morgan Lens:

  • Two Morgan Lenses (part number MT2000-USA or MT6673-Outside-USA)–one per eye
  • Topical ocular anesthetic (if available)
  • One Morgan Lens Delivery Set (part number MT202)
  • One bag of irrigating solution (MorTan recommends lactated Ringer’s or Hartmann’s Solution)
  • Two Medi-Ducts (part number MT63)-one per eye–or towels, blue pads, or another fluid collection device
Part NameThe Morgan medi-FLOW Lens
Part NumberMT2000 (USA Only) or MT6673 (Outside USA)
Quantity Per Box12
NSN6540 01 296 2130
DAPA Contract NumberSP 0200-03-H-0046
FSC Code6540 Ophthalmic Instruments, Equipment & Supplies
PSC Codes6515 Medical Surgical Instruments and Supplies
Q999 Medical–Other
NAICS Codes339115 Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing
423450 Medical Supplies Merchant
339112 Ophthalmic Instruments and Apparatus Manufacturing
SIC Code3851 Ophthalmic Goods
Cage Code0B000
DUNS Number057 490 781

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The Delivery Set

The Delivery Set

Using the Delivery Set with the Morgan Lens allows for simultaneous irrigation of both eyes. 

The Medi-Duct

The Medi-Duct

An ocular fluid management system designed to make irrigation with the Morgan Lens even more convenient.

The Training Tool

The Training Tool

The Morgan Lens Training Tool allows “hands-on” practice of how to use the Morgan Lens for ocular irrigation.

The Oslo University Eye Department has used the Morgan Lens for 16 years.  We use it in all emergency cases and find that it gives the patients better chances than without this equipment.  In fact, we have reduced the need for hospitalization for more than one night for these patients, and the recovery without scars and permanent loss of visions is far better than without it.  Usually, we don't give our recommendations for products like this, but we have been so happy with the Morgan Lens that we would like to recommend it to all ophthalmologists.  Their patients will benefit from its use.

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Why Use The Morgan Lens?

The Morgan Lens is used in 90% of hospital emergency departments in the USA and can be inserted in less than 20 seconds. There simply is no other "hands-free" method of eye irrigation. Nothing else frees medical personnel to treat other injuries or to transport the patient while irrigation is underway. Nothing is more effective at treating ocular chemical, thermal, and actinic burns or removing non-embedded foreign bodies, even when the patient's eyes are closed tightly. Its design makes it simple and straightforward to use so minimal training is required.